Ok- so you’ve (finally!) turned some work in and you’re waiting to hear back. How long should you wait? And what do you do if your advisor doesn’t get back to you? First, don’t panic. Second, don’t assume this means something negative about your work. It’s more likely that your advisor is busy and just needs a polite (but clear) nudge. Wait about two weeks and then email your advisor, asking if she/he received your materials and let them know that you’re looking forward to receiving their comments. If you don’t hear anything, move to a phone call- wait another two weeks and leave a phone message asking to speak with them. If this doesn’t work, try leaving a message or two with your departmental secretary. If all else fails, and you’re local, stop in for a visit. Whatever you don’t, don’t despair. And whatever you do, keep working- on something. This will keep you from wasting time.