I get a lot of questions about dissertation coaching- how it works, why it helps- and so I thought I’d spend a few minutes today focusing on dissertation coaching. What’s the purpose of dissertation coaching? In my opinion, the focus is to help you finish your dissertation as quickly and easily as you can, while being realistic about the demands of your life and the people in it. Working with a coach can help you become a more efficient worker, which means you can get more accomplished in less time. Working with a coach provides structure, support, and accountability- it’s amazing how you can suddenly "find time to work" when you’re paying someone to hold you accountable. You should consider working with a coach anytime you are 1) stuck and don’t know how to proceed- and aren’t getting enough guidance from your advisor/committee, 2) when you end up on a shortened time-line to finish, or 3) whenever you’re ready for the process to be easier. We’ll talk more in later entries about selecting a coach, defining coaching parameters, and gauging if you’re a good candidate for dissertation coaching.