Today, I found out that someone had said some unkind (and untrue) comments about me to another person. This upset me, and required that I find a way to deal with this, fast, so that it wouldn’t take over my whole day and ruin it (especially because the day has been really nice so far). So this made me think of how we all react negatively to criticism, and how important it is in the dissertation process to DO something about the criticism rather than just letting it fester and eat you up inside. Criticism/feedback is, for good or bad, an integral part of the dissertation work. Sometimes, the feedback will be gently given, and, other times, it will be quite harsh. The challenge for you, the dissertator, is to find a way to recover from the harsh criticism so you can keep moving ahead. Ideas that might help: 1) Have at least two or three people to whom you can safely and comfortably vent. 2) Spend time playing with young children and/or pets- this can get you out of your head and into a better space. 3) Take yourself out for a reward or treat to soothe yourself. 4) Give yourself time to relax- you can’t relax and be upset at the same time. For me, I chose #1 and talked with my best friend, who helped me quickly get back to feeling good. Make a commitment, today, to create strategies for dealing with criticism- the next time you’re criticized, you’ll be really glad you did.