Dissertation procrastination is a serious problem. You know it’s there when you constantly think about your dissertation, but never actually quite get around to sitting down and working on it. The reasons for procrastinating could be many; but the biggest problem is that you have a dissertation which is occupying a lot of emotional and mental space, and it’s still not getting done.

Sometimes you can force yourself to work, and that can get you past the procrastination. Other times, though, the thought of working is so…horrible…that you can’t even begin.

You travel through your day in a state of restlessness and anxiety, based, in part, on knowing you absolutely need to work and that you just absolutely can not do it.

One technique to break the impasse is to shift out of the space of worrying about working to a space of reconnecting with the larger picture. What are you doing this for?

Are you writing the dissertation because you love your area of strudy? Are you writing it so you can get a good job? Are you writing it so you can graduate this year and get married or start a family? What are you doing this for?

If you’ve been procrastinating for a while, ask yourself, "What am I doing this for?"- and find some larger, meaningful reasons why you should finish your dissertation. Sometimes, focusing on the larger picture can help make the process easier to complete. When your desired goal is compelling enough, your procrastination will diminish.


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