I’ve probably said this before……and want to recommend, again, that you be careful in sharing your dissertation process or progress with people who probably won’t understand, and, worse, may make you feel badly about your project. 

I was reminded of this today when I shared an idea I had for a new offering. I have been really excited about this for days, and have been working to make this happen.

I talked with one of my colleagues about my idea, and she was really, really negative about it, pointing out all the reasons it wouldn’t work or why it was wrong.

She might have in a bad mood or something, but this left me feeling like I need to remember my own advice: watch who you talk to.

If you need to talk about your dissertation, be sure you do this in a safe place and with people you trust. If you forget this, you run the risk of having your ideas trashed and of feeling badly.

Take your ideas where they will be welcome and cultivated. This is how they will grow.