Have you ever stopped to think where you underestimate your talents?

I read an article recently that says that people tend to seriously underestimate what it is they could accomplish in 10 years.

What that leads me to think about is that most of the time we are setting our immediate goals too large, and then our long-term goals too small.

How this relates to the dissertation is in the process of creating your timeline and how you’re going to finish. While it is definitely possible to complete your dissertation in a year or less, as I constantly say, an effective way to do it is by actually by working forwards.

So if you have in your mind that you want to complete the dissertation in a year or less, you need to figure out a way to work forward so that each of your goals in the interim is doable, reasonable and possible.

Most of the time you cannot script great things or amazing breakthroughs no matter how much any of us try. The best we can do is create what I would call a constancy of purpose. So even if every day you don’t make stellar or stunning or amazing progress on the dissertation, your constancy of purpose is that you are taking one step after the other, putting one foot in front of the other to eventually reach your goal.

A couple of changes to the dissertation small group coaching program. After hearing from many of you, I have decided to shift the coaching program slightly to accomodate both quantitative AND qualitative researchers in the coaching program. The original page has been updated to reflect this change. This program is based on a proprietary model I use to help graduate students complete the proposal in a four month period. You must be completing some form of human subjects research in order to benefit from this group, as we will be focusing on the specifics of hypothesis statements, methodology, and focused literature review. If you are completing a research project which involves using or gathering data from other people (and you’re using the standard chapter three methodology consisting of subjects, instrumentation and procedures), the group will be a good fit for you. Deadline to join is this Friday, January 11, 2008.

You can learn more here: Dissertation Coaching Small Group Program