Do you ever think the dissertation process is too serious? I do. And I also know that, sometimes, it’s much harder because you can’t bring yourself to write the first sentence.

I found two fun resources which might help you write that first sentence.

The first is Write, where you type quickly the first sentence you can think of, and that gets added to the page. You can read the sentences of people who have been there before you. While it can potentially become one of those fascinating timewasters, sometimes, having to put down just one sentence can also help you get very, very clear.

The second site, One invites you to write one sentence about a true event in your life. It reads almost like a haiku. Again, this has the potential to suck you in, so use judiciously.

So why am I suggesting you visit these two sites?

Simple. If the dissertation is feeling too heavy, and you’re feeling really stuck, you need to do something differently.

Sometimes what you need is to write one simple sentence, and that’s all.