Ok. So my "to-do" list for today was really long…and somehow it’s taken a very long time to get anything done. Why? I realized, after several lost hours, that I was approaching some of my work from the hard way.

The hard way, in my case, was trying to find the perfect solution (which, as it turns out, probably doesn’t exist, yet) and in wasting a lot of time trying to find the best when "good enough" will probably do.

That’s the problem with being meticulous sometimes. Anyway, this got me thinking about the idea of the hard way to achieve, and the easy way. The hard way feels difficult and you put in a lot of effort for not a lot of result.

In your dissertation process, you might be doing things the hard way when you keep searching for a particular reference or citation, spending hours on something which may not be that important, or for which a "good enough" fit can be found. You also know you’re doing things the hard way when you feel burdened and overwhelmed, and like the work is "never going to get done."

A good rule of thumb is to check in with yourself at least once every few hours and make sure you’re still approaching your work the best way possible. If you build in regular "checkpoints", you can save yourself many hours of lost effort.


3 Major Announcements:

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I look forward to working with you!