I successfully defended my dissertation Jan, 2016 and graduated in May, 2016!  I can't thank you enough for helping me focus on completing my dissertation.  Your group coaching class kept me accountable and showed me how to stay accountable until it was finished. Your assistance arrived at the right time, and I hope others who are challenged with completing their dissertations join one of your groups as well. I will definitely be getting the word out to those who could use that extra assistance to stay focused until the end..

M.H., PhD, 2016

The great Rachna: After languishing with my dissertation for far too long, I participated in several "group" dissertation coaching sessions with Rachna and the investment was well worth it as I am certain that without her help I would not have moved it across the finish line. She has a perfect combination of coaching skills; ways of understanding things (such as the mechanics of the dissertation, conceptualizing, and writing); and encouraging/holding accountability to reasonable, "doable" incremental goals. She is so professional and is very perceptive about this or that client's skills, strengths, and weaknesses - which she helps the student improve upon. I'd recommend her highly, without hesitation.

S.S., PhD, 2016

I took a few rounds of your coaching sessions in 2014 and 2015, and just wanted to let you know that I defended my thesis on the 2nd of May, ten days ago. (It is an anthropological study about manufacturing in South America, you may remember the topic from our Skype meetings). It passed with great success.
I mention you in my acknowledgements, but would also like to send you this:
Thank you so much for your input, Rachna - I used (I still use) many of your concrete advice on how to make small steps and acknowledge progress, but also on how to build up a support team, how to manage feed back (and lack of feed back), and on the balancing of relations within the academic world (with supervisor/no supervisor/new supervisor, work on the side/economical support/lack of economical support etc).
I truly wish you all the best with your coaching sessions and I hope you do continue - it was one of the most positive and constructive aspects of my PhD process,
Dr. A. C., 2017

I completed my dissertation in 2016 and boy does it feel great! I appreciated your services and wanted to let you know that this is a life saving or should I say career saving service.

Dr. Wendi Anderson

Having [Rachna as my] dissertation coach was a wonderful help and resource.  It was a good feeling to be validated throughout the process.  Working towards my dissertation completion I found very similar to training for my first marathon.  I could not have done that without my running coach, but I could also not be expected to go out and run 26.2 miles without dedicating time to run every week.  Writing my dissertation was similar, I had you, my coach, but I also needed to “train” a certain amount every week.  Just like training for a marathon, you cannot be expected to train on your treadmill everyday in your house, you need to go out and run.  A big turning point in my process was leaving my house and sequestering myself in the library.  I found it much more efficient.  I had no distraction of laundry, the phone etc.  My dedicated library time resulted in much more production.  I also felt less guilt of my children seeing me at home in front of the computer, where they tended to feel ignored.  By leaving the house I was out of their site and out of their minds (a little way).

Jill Druhan-Albanese, Ed. D, Educational Leadership

Rachna!!!! I have great news!!! My proposal was accepted yesterday, without revisions, by my committee! I can’t believe it. I’ve been trying to get this done for years. I give credit for this success to various factors, one huge one of which is the amazing support, guidance, and direction you provided me through our coaching sessions. I can’t believe I waited this long to work with you. I could have been finished years ago if I’d called you sooner. Like you say, though, no use fretting the past. With the proposal acceptance, I am on track to get this done by May 2012, just like we discussed!

[Edit] I’ve now received my degree. Thanks for helping me finish. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

S.A, PhD.

I successfully defended my dissertation. I have completed all requirements for my Ph.D. Thank you for your guidance and support. I have embraced the fact that I can take ownership of my destiny. Through it all~ 6-day work weeks, endless hours in the lab, and a 200+ page book -it’s done! I can begin a new (less stressful) chapter of my life. Thank you Rachna.

D.T., Ph.D.

May, 2012

THANKS! Rachna – I wanted to thank you so much! For your inspirational mails, your books (bought both of them in 2009 – best coaching book investment ever!!!) – which i kept reading and re-reading all the time. Your messages and the books truly have been a blessing and a guiding light during the painful moments of PhD-writing. PLEASE KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING! You are amazing!

Doreen S.

Rachna really gave me the head start I needed to get my dissertation done in less than a year. My goal was to finish in time to participate in the graduation ceremonies this year, and with her help, I defended my dissertation on April 17, 2011, just 9 months after I initially started to work with Rachna. Most importantly, I finished in time to participate in graduation. I was in a haze when I began my dissertation last summer and I checked out several dissertation coaches. Rachna was by far the most effective, straight forward, task oriented coach I came across. I knew I had to hire her. She is highly directive and efficient, but incredibly supportive as well. She puts you on a schedule and holds you accountable which is exactly what I needed. For those of you who are still struggling to finish your dissertations, I say put your pen down and give Rachna a call. She’s worth every penny. Thank you, Rachna, for providing me with just the right kind of tough love and guidance I needed to finish in less than one year. You’re amazing! I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs that extra shot in the arm to get the dissertation done!

Jane E. Yi, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology

I started working with Dr. Rachna Jain with 6 months remaining to finish my thesis. Working with Dr. Rachna helped me clarify my research questions, helped me to develop my research method, and provided helpful advice and instruction on writing up my results. I’m proud to say that my thesis was accepted by my school on January 3, 2012. I know that I reached this goal faster because of my work with Dr. Rachna.

Aiman Labib, MBA, CIA, CFE

I’m sure none of this comes as a surprise to you, but I do want to thank you again for teaching me these strategies.  I continue to apply many  of your methods in both my professional and personal lives: making lists of manageable tasks, taking encouragement from successful incremental progress, and addressing issues directly while making my own needs clear (and not apologizing for them).  I am not effusive by nature, but I want you to know that the time I spent working with you had a noticeable impact on my work habits and personal style.  Your approach is subtle, but powerful.  THANK YOU!

J.B., Ph.D.

But thank you Rachna, I very clearly remember our teleclass, and how incredibly supportive you were, and how underlying it all there was always a sense that we must be tender and kind to ourselves, that we must support ourselves, and reward ourselves for hard work, and be gentle, always gentle -that got me through, it really did!! You had an ENORMOUS influence on my ability to finish, and now I preach that line to every ABD I meet! Thank you!

Dr. Linda Derksen

Thanks for writing Get it Done! I found the book to be extremely helpful in moving me from dissertation desperation to hope in actually completing this project. The tips you offer are all timely and relevant.… I expect the book to be quite tattered by the time I’m finished…. In a small package, you have made a huge difference in my work! Thank you!

David York, ABD

University of Missouri, (David has since completed his Ph.D.!)

You were absolutely terrific in all aspects. Coaching was very helpful to me because I lacked self confidence. I finished my dissertation in just about 18 months, and now I have landed a full-time teaching position for the Fall. Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

Stephen Wagner, Ph.D.

My experience with Dr. Rachna Jain as my coach was FANTASTIC!! Coaching with Rachna allowed me to graduate quickly, and begin earning a better salary. Her coaching fee was well worth it!!   I chose coaching because I was concerned about how full time employment, family obligations, moving away from my university, and isolation from my department could slow down my dissertation progress. During my time with Rachna, my department program was axed by the dean, and my chair lost her tenure. I was blessed to have Rachna as a coach and I finished in spite of all the department adversity! I’ve recommended Dr. Rachna Jain to all my friends and colleagues!

N.P., Ph.D.

I was floundering in my eighth year of doctoral work with a flimsy topic and no real proposal. Having completed my class work, I felt alone and abandoned by the university and was not making any real progress. As a father of two working full time, there was always a reason not to work on my research. I knew, however, that I had to get serious to complete my dissertation within the mandated ten-year time frame, but did not know really where or how to start. Worse, I was beginning to doubt myself and my abilities to complete the research. It was then that I fortunately stumbled upon Excel with Ease Coaching.Com and Dr. Rachna Jain. In weekly coaching sessions, Dr. Jain put my seemingly insurmountable task in perspective. Within nine months of contacting Dr. Jain, my proposal was accepted, and my dissertation was unanimously approved without revision within ten months of my proposal review. Thank you, Dr. Jain, for showing me the way to reach my goal here.

Bruce Myers, Ph.D.

I got finished faster than I though I would and the process was more joyful than I ever thought it could be. I learned valuable tools to getting the dissertation done. I don’t think I could have accomplished this feat without you.

Ann Brewster, Ph.D.

I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason. Such was the case for me when I contacted Dr. Rachna Jain to serve as my dissertation coach. I was 6 years into my Ph.D. program and was rapidly approaching my 7-year limit. In the midst of trying to start and complete my dissertation, I was juggling tremendous work demands and life issues. Needless to say, I was very concerned about being able to complete my Ph.D. within the following year given the constraints on my time. From the very first day, Dr. Jain encouraged and assured me that it was possible to complete my dissertation in one year. She was extraordinary in helping me to stay focused and to make incremental progress. She provided an effective framework for me to balance my work and dissertation demands and remain energized. She also added a lot of value in the content of my idea and subsequent papers. I was very impressed with how fast she was able to grasp and understand a topic out of her direct area of expertise. I would highly recommend, and encourage, anyone who is working on his/her dissertation to contact Dr. Rachna Jain for support. She will exceed your expectations and ensure you reach your goals.

Margo Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

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