If you have been working on the dissertation for awhile, you might have forgotten about the value of your project; or if you’ve just started working on your dissertation, you might be concerned that the project has no value.

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the importance of writing down the value of your project. In Part 2 of this series, we talked about the importance of finding value in your topic or valuing your topic is to look at how your project is going to further the field or your area of expertise.

The third step is to combine these first two steps and write yourself a very compelling reason for finishing the dissertation. Write down who will be benefited by you finishing. Write down all the people who are waiting to celebrate with you when you actually finish. Write down who are the groups or the people that you’ll be able to help by the findings of your study no matter what they are.

After you’ve completed this exercise I’d find it very surprising if you weren’t feeling more in touch with the value of your dissertation. If you ever doubt why you’re doing this project or how this project is valuable, you can always take notes and then refer to these in the future whenever you need a boost.

Here’s one other special tip: When you’ve taken the time to write out how this project will benefit people and who it will benefit, this actually can become part of the research purpose for your study.

So if you take the time to write from your heart, you’ll be able then to take some of this content and put it right into your dissertation; fix up the writing a little bit so it reads in a more scholarly way, and you’ll be able to actually write a piece of your dissertation while you’re working on improving your feelings about the dissertation.