If you ever feel disheartened or uninterested in your dissertation topic, one good quick technique that you can use to get yourself out of the doldrums is to talk about the value of your project.

If you have been working on the dissertation for awhile, you might have forgotten about the value of your project; or if you’ve just started working on your dissertation, you might be concerned that the project has no value.

The thing is though, is that when you have an idea or you have a topic, it presumably came from somewhere. It is some combination of papers you’ve read or thoughts that you you’ve thought or information that you’ve gained in your classes, as well as maybe from your practical or teaching experience.

So the thing is, is that all ideas are valuable, and your job is to find the most valuable and interesting way to share this idea. If you’re feeling uncertain about the value of your dissertation, you want to take these following steps.

Step One: You’ll want to write down for yourself what is the value of the project? What will it mean to you personally or professionally? And here’s the hint; obviously professionally completing the project will mean that you get your Ph.D., and you can move on to the rest of the goals in your life.

But, presumably you’ve selected this topic because it has some personal meaning for you. This personal meaning can get lost when you are in the midst of archival research or you’re reading a lot of background material. But, the thing is, is that this topic has value to you. So, the place to start is by writing down what this topic means to you, both personally and professionally.

Work on Step One, and Steps Two and Three will follow this post.