Stress comes from overestimation. When you are looking at completing the dissertation in a timely fashion, and I hope you are, one of the areas you want to look at is the concept of stress.
Now, stress, simply defined is the experience of feeling like you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. So, stress, essentially is an experience of overestimation of the work with an underestimation of time available, and I’ll explain that further.
So when you look at your dissertation or really any other large project in your life, if you are feeling stressed about it; you want to take a look at your thoughts and your beliefs about what it is going to take to finish the dissertation once and for all.
Very often, if you are paying attention, you will find that you are overestimating how much work there is, and you are giving yourself really, really stringent deadlines within which to complete the work.
So, the other element of this is that sometimes when you are overestimating the work, there’s also this element of not really knowing what kind of work is truly involved. So, you have this type of vague sense of the deadline, or a vague sense of where you are in the chapter, or a vague sense of what it’s going to take to actually finish.
That vagueness or that lack of clarity is another reason that you will feel stress because our minds are just generally programmed to always think the worst, when we actually are facing the unknown.
So, imagine yourself being in an uncomfortable or unknown situation. The thing that we all fear is the possibility that we are going to be blindsided or something is going to come and scare us or catch us off guard. So, we are just naturally programmed to believe that the unknown is somehow going to be bad.
So, than, when we fell like the unknown is going to be bad; we tend to avoid wanting to actually get clear. It’s really very, very difficult to make progress in any project in your life if you are not clear on what you are doing or why you are doing it.
It’s vitally important that you become very, very clear on what it’s going to take to finish.
Stay tuned for Stress – Part 2.