In planning when you’ll complete the dissertation, it’s customary to allot about three months for the data collection phase.

If you are completing a large survey, or are dependent on a large number of responses, you may need to collect data even longer. This is fine, if you have the time (and inclination) but what if you need to speed up your data collection so you can get done?

This question was recently asked to me via email- and here are a few of the tips I offered:

*I’d call people first and get a key person to be the one ‘in charge’ of participation- you don’t mention if you are mailing to individuals or groups, but if your participants are part of a group or organization, get one key person to help you increase participation (works best if the group or organization or individual has something to gain by the results of your research)

*Would your survey work in an online format? Many of my former clients did online surveys which seemed to help.

*Get super clear on how many responses you need for your study- count what you have, and then count-down from the remaining number. This can help you stay motivated to close the gap.