In Part 1 and 2 – we reviewed your Reading Days and your Writing Days. The 3nd Part of Reading, Writing, and Rest Days is Rest.
You need to have days where you are taking a break or not worrying about your business or your dissertation or whatever you are focusing on. Those would be your rest days.
Now, finally, the rest days as they sound are related to being able to unhook from your demands or your responsibilities and being able to just take a break sometimes.
The way that I have set it up for myself, and this is a good model for you to borrow as you refine it for yourself, is that I’ve tried to set up 2 days of reading and 3 days of writing, and than 2 days of rest.
The ways that it breaks down for me is that it breaks down where Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are my writing days. Thursday and Friday are my reading days, and Saturday and Sunday are my rest days. Now, does every week line up perfectly like this? Of course not. But, the thing that is important is that by orienting myself to what kind of activity I want to accomplish when, it has really helped me better prioritize whatever I have to be focused on right now.
So, before I implemented this system, I would read a little bit, work a little bit, write a little bit, I’d kind of rest (but not really). It always felt like I was not accomplishing as much as I could be, and I was probably right.
So, now that I have switched to this reading, writing, and rest model; I don’t turn on the computer at all on the weekends. I focus on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on actually active things to market my business and to move my business forward. Than, on Thursday and Friday I gear down, and I spend that time reading new ideas or exploring new thoughts and having some time to think and conceptualize about how I might apply these in my business and my life.
So, while many of you many work on a slightly different schedule; meaning that you may work on the weekends or something like that, do borrow this concept of reading, writing, and rest and just overlay that onto your existing schedule.
So, if you have Thursday and Friday off, maybe those will be your 2 rest days, or maybe those will be your writing days. It’s really up to you. But, the idea is that by building time to actively conceptualize, and than building time in to produce based on your thoughts or your conceptualization, and than having time to rest where you are not having to worry about either of these things; that’s going to be a really productive way to move yourself forward.