Ok- so I suddenly realized that I’ve lost a week or so in writing for the blog. Sorry! It’s been beyond hectic and I realized that some things are starting to fall through the cracks. But, as you can see, I’m back. Which brings me to the idea of keeping up with your dissertation in the summer. It can be difficult to do, as you often feel like you need a break, you probably dread working on the dissertation, and there are other (more fun) activities pulling for your attention. So how can you keep up with your dissertation during the summer? Aside from the other tips I’ve already offered, you can make it a priority to "check in" on your dissertation every two weeks of the summer. Make this check-in tied to something you regularly do, like checking your email or paying your bills. The check-in need not be elaborate, it just needs to be about 10-15 minutes where you review your dissertation progress and make sure you haven’t gotten off track (or lost total track) of the project. By tying it to some other habit, it will be easier to remember to do. When you set aside time to regularly review your progress, it helps you stay focused and clear on the next most important steps. And, if you sometimes get off track, you don’t lose a lot of time going off in the wrong direction. Two weeks is a good amount of time to see some notable progress. If you don’t see any progress during any two week span, analyze what didn’t go as planned so you can do better going forward.