As I notice some of the traits of the happiest dissertators (note I didn’t say happy dissertators, because I’m not sure how many of them really exist…), the happiest dissertators are those who have found a way to gain extra support and understanding through a community. In most cases, it’s most effective to have a community of dissertation writers who understand exactly what you’re going through. It’s especially useful to belong to a group like this when you are feeling isolated, worried, confused, or alone, which can happen quite often during the dissertation process. If you would like to join an online community, you can search for them by going to a group list like and typing in ‘dissertation’. It might take a bit of sifting, but you will find at least one group that suits you. If you prefer something a little closer to home, consider placing a small ad at the local university or in your local paper asking other dissertation writers to contact you. As with any group, remember that it is there to assist & support you- not to substitute for actually DOING work on your dissertation. It can be too easy, sometimes, to mistake talking about the dissertation for actually doing it. Remember, the main measure of dissertation accomplishment, in the end, is the words on the page.