No matter how well planned and well executed your dissertation study, you may find that your results are not statistically significant. This can induce a feeling of stress and disbelief: all that work!?!? and my results aren’t even useful??

Wait a second. Stop that train. 

Remember that in clinical and applied research, no difference (negative) findings can be just as important to the advancement of research as positive (or significant difference) type findings. It just is based on how well you can analyze the reasons for the no-difference, and how persuasively you can discuss these in your paper.

If your dissertation research has resulted in "no difference" findings, get creative as to ways you can discuss this finding. It doesn’t mean you embellish or lie; it just means you find a different perspective to view the results and see how they can further the literature, even if the results were different than you planned.


On a separate note, I wanted to ask you: when was the last time you felt proud of yourself for something? I mean, really, really proud?

If it’s been a while, keep reading.

I’ve been noticing that in my pace for high achievement, I’m not always that great at noticing when I’ve done something really well. Some of my most recent accomplishments include being on NBC’s Today Show, being listed in The Who’s Who of America 2007, and my new dissertation membership site.

I was adding some content into the site today and realized that it has really come together very beautifully, and I realized that I am very proud of this accomplishment! You can see a screenshot of the site here:

But the thing I’m most pleased with is the amount of content already in the site. At my most recent count, there are more than 100 items of focused information about the dissertation process.

If you’re looking for an easy to use and valuable resource to help you reach your goal of finishing the dissertation, I invite you to check out what’s included by clicking here:

The Secrets of Dissertation Success

I’m adopting the motto that if I’ve done something worth sharing, I want people to know. It’s been working out really well so far. 🙂