It seems to be a misconception among dissertators that receiving feedback means your work is horrible. Yes, of course, when you’ve put your heart, and sweat, and tears into a project and then get it returned to you with red marks and question marks, you’re bound to feel a bit dejected. However (and this is important!) feedback like this actually is helpful. Why? Because it gives you a guidepost or framework within which to do your revisions. It’s always more difficult to revise without feedback (even of the red pen variety) than it is to revise with it. Most of the time, there will be at least certain parts of your writing which were left untouched- this is good. This means that you’re that many sections closer to a finished dissertation. I always recommend that you seek feedback as soon as you reasonably can- this will get you on the dissertation track more quickly than waiting until your paper is ‘perfect’ before it’s turned in. Write as much as you can, seek feedback as soon as you can, and take heart- every red mark or criticism is one step closer to the finish line.