Ok- so I know this is a dissertation related blog, but, believe me, eating good food is an important part of a successful (self caring) dissertation process. This came up in high relief for me, personally, over the past few days- I noticed my energy was low and I was feeling kind of cranky. I then realized that I hadn’t been eating all that great- in fact, I’d barely sat down for a meal in the past month (it’s been one of THOSE months…). Anyway, I realized that taking the time to prepare a good meal, and taking the time to eat it, would be a great way to give myself a break and give me a break from the cycle of constantly running from one task to the next. When working on your dissertation, make sure you are taking time to eat well (and regularly) and that you give yourself space to enjoy good food. Though not related to writing or research, this little tip can still help you make your dissertation process easier and more enjoyable.