My most recent dissertation proposal small group coaching program kicked off multiple emails, with dissertation writers wondering if I would offer a similar group for those completing non-quantitative projects.

I had to think for a bit about how best to structure this. What I realized is that offering a writing coaching group was the best way to accomodate these requests. My reasoning for this was two-fold. First, many people need help with developing discipline to write regularly. Without this discipline, the dissertation project remains little more than a good idea, perhaps with a bunch of unfinished drafts. So it made sense to think about how to help dissertation writers develop discipline and strategy for writing effectively. That was the first reason. My second reason is that by creating a writing group coaching program, this will serve the numbers of you who have already completed your proposal, for instance, but can’t seem to move from proposal to finished draft. Given, too, that there are all kinds of projects that fall in the ‘non-quantitative’ realm, it’s difficult to find a common thread in order to develop a lock-step program, like I did for the quantitative dissertation writers.

 The main focus of this group will be on strategies to write fast, while writing well.

Learn more about the Dissertation Writing Coaching Group

I hope this will assist many of you, and I look forward to helping you get it done this Fall.