Dissertation Coaching Services: Small Group Format

If you’re an ABD who is interested in finishing the dissertation fast, you’ve come to the right place. Exploring dissertation coaching services just makes sense when you realize that the ABD’s who finish most quickly are those who invest in three things: structure, accountability, and support as they work on their dissertations. Dissertation coaching services, if offered properly, provide all three.

Many graduate students have difficulty with the dissertation, even if they have been very successful academically until then. I believe that the reason the dissertation process is so difficult for so many is because it represents a major departure from your graduate school experience until then. Prior to this, you follow a rigorous and mandated program of study; all you have to do is be sure you take all the right classes in the right sequence. The work is well-defined, usually, and you know where you stand in terms of your letter grades.

All this changes, however, when you reach the dissertation process. All of a sudden, you’re expected to conceptualize, design, and execute a research project almost completely on your own. And if that weren’t bad enough, you have to do this in a very specific way, using specific processes, which nobody ever seemed to explain to you.

No matter how smart you are, the dissertation process is enough to make you feel dumb. And like an imposter. You may be wondering how you got this far, and you may fear that your department will find out it was a mistake to let you move to the dissertation process.

But, I can assure you, the problems you’re having are not because you can’t do the work.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain, founder of CompleteYourDissertation.com, and I’m an expert on the dissertation process. I’ve been offering dissertation coaching services since 2001. Since that time, I’ve helped more than 1000 ABD’s- just like you- attain their PhD’s. I’ve achieved this through direct coaching and mentoring of these students, sometimes individually, but mostly in small groups.

“I took a few rounds of your coaching sessions in 2014 and 2015, and just wanted to let you know that I defended my thesis on the 2nd of May, 2017. It passed with great success. I mention you in my acknowledgements, but would also like to send you this:

Thank you so much for your input, Rachna – I used (I still use) many of your concrete advice on how to make small steps and acknowledge progress, but also on how to build up a support team, how to manage feed back (and lack of feed back), and on the balancing of relations within the academic world (with supervisor/no supervisor/new supervisor, work on the side/economical support/lack of economical support etc). I truly wish you all the best with your coaching sessions and I hope you do continue – it was one of the most positive and constructive aspects of my PhD process.”

Dr. A.C.


“I’ve been meaning to write you with the good news that on 9/11/14 I defended my dissertation – and it was approved without revisions! I really attribute much of my success to your coaching and some big break through moments with you in the dissertation group this past spring. Thank you so much for your guidance and for understanding me well enough to help give me the tips necessary to push through to the end!”

Dr. Jenny L.

“I have done more work on my dissertation in the past 12 weeks of this group than I have done in the past five years. I am so glad I found you. Thank you, thank you!”


My focus is on helping you learn how to set realistic goals, work steadily, and finish your dissertation within a year or less.

The way I do this is through offering dissertation small group coaching programs. These groups are comprised of no more than 8 graduate students, from all disciplines, who are in various stages of the dissertation process.

The group format begins with a check-in and update on goals that were set the week before, then offers some teaching and guidance from my more than sixteen years of experience, and then the groups close with coaching and goal-setting for the next week. Each group member learns from hearing how the other participants are coached, and each group member also gets some individual time within the group context.

Having helped more than 1000 ABD’s become PhD’s, my Get it Done! System works.

I’m offering the next dissertation small group program as follows:

No programs currently scheduled

You may have some other questions, so here are more details:

My process is a proven method to finish. With a better than 99% success rate, it relies on effective planning, steady work progress, and caring for yourself. It gives me great pride to know that I am acknowledged as a guide and mentor in my former clients’ submitted dissertations.

If you’re reading this now, it’s likely that you are struggling with finishing your dissertation, and you might be wondering if I can help you. Without bragging, I would say that I probably can. If you really want to finish your project, are coachable, and are willing to persevere, I can help you finish the dissertation. Many times, this will happen faster than you can even imagine.

While you can, absolutely, finish your dissertation by yourself, the question is- will you?

If you have been floundering for weeks, months, or even years- it’s time to do something differently and get some help.

The definition of dissertation insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Keep reading to decide if my dissertation coaching services are a good next step for you.

The groups meet once per week, for 60 minutes. We will meet on a private group conference line. You will be responsible for your long-distance charges associated with calling into this conference line. If you are calling in from outside the US, you may use your Skype subscription for our meetings. Group size is limited to 10.

Groups are composed of students working on both quantitative and qualitative projects, which works well. You can join at any stage of your dissertation process, right from the beginning (such as at the topic selection stage) all the way to the end (such as at the final revision and editing stage).

“Working with Rachna has been a huge help. Her tools and strategies have helped me get organized. I’ve been working more often and, most importantly, I no longer feel DREAD when I think of my dissertation. If you have a chance to work with her, you should take it.”

Samantha Z.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the group coaching meetings, but they have been very useful. Rachna gives us each time to set our goals and she coaches us to make sure we make progress. I was able to write one chapter in this group coaching session. I look forward to writing another in the next set of coaching sessions.”

J.R. Taylor

The purpose of these groups is to provide guidance, structure, accountability and support to help you make progress on your dissertation. All calls are recorded and participants are provided a copy of the mp3 recording after each call. This is useful if you want to listen again after the call.

Groups allow time for individual coaching within the group format, so you are always working on your specific goals. You will benefit from the advice, tips, and strategies given to other group members. Past participants have found these groups an invaluable source of motivation, support, and accountability to finish.

Sometimes people wonder if the group will help them, specifically. And I can say, definitely– if you follow my suggestions and do the work you commit to doing, you will make progress. There are certain similarities to completing the dissertation project- no matter the topic area. I focus on guiding you to best utilize the similarities where you can, and then coach you specifically for the places where your dissertation differs from other people’s. This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds- a lot of practical strategies that will help you, plus specialized coaching where you need it.

If you are considering group coaching, I do ask that you be willing to commit to the entire cycle of sessions before signing up. Please do not join with the plan to cancel partway through. This isn’t fair to the group or to others who might have wanted to join the group. If you have signed up for group sessions before and have canceled out, please do not sign up again. There are no refunds if you miss sessions.

Group coaching is a fantastic option if you are unable to invest in the individualized attention of 1:1 coaching.

If you have questions about group coaching after reading this page, feel free to contact me

Remember, my methods have helped more than 1000 students finish their dissertations. If you are focused, follow my guidance, and do the work you commit to doing, you will have positive results.

I look forward to the possibility of working together.



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