Available Dissertation Coaching Resources:

Dissertation Strategy Session

A one hour session where we solve one dissertation problem so you can make progress.

Dissertation Small Group Coaching

The dissertation small group coaching program is a fixed length coaching program of usually 8-12 weeks, and offers a series of weekly meetings by phone. Group size is limited to 8. This group is a good option for the dissertation writer who needs structure and accountability on a weekly basis to make progress.

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Dissertation Coaching Duo

This program is dissertation coaching for two ABD’s. If you have a friend or colleague who would like to join you to complete your dissertations together, or if you let me know you’re interested, I can match you up with someone else who is looking. This is a cost-effective way to get more customized coaching, without the larger investment of 1:1 sessions.

Dissertation Books

I’ve written a few books on completing the dissertation. I have written these based on my thousands of hours invested in helping graduate students write their dissertations. They each contain proven strategies for improving your mindset and your work habits so you can get it done faster.

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I successfully defended my dissertation Jan, 2016 and graduated in May, 2016!  I can’t thank you enough for helping me focus on completing my dissertation.  Your group coaching class kept me accountable and showed me how to stay accountable until it was finished. Your assistance arrived at the right time, and I hope others who are challenged with completing their dissertations join one of your groups as well. I will definitely be getting the word out to those who could use that extra assistance to stay focused until the end..

M.H., PhD, 2016

I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason. Such was the case for me when I contacted Dr. Rachna Jain to serve as my dissertation coach. I was 6 years into my Ph.D. program and was rapidly approaching my 7-year limit. In the midst of trying to start and complete my dissertation, I was juggling tremendous work demands and life issues. Needless to say, I was very concerned about being able to complete my Ph.D. within the following year given the constraints on my time. From the very first day, Dr. Jain encouraged and assured me that it was possible to complete my dissertation in one year. She was extraordinary in helping me to stay focused and to make incremental progress. She provided an effective framework for me to balance my work and dissertation demands and remain energized. She also added a lot of value in the content of my idea and subsequent papers. I was very impressed with how fast she was able to grasp and understand a topic out of her direct area of expertise. I would highly recommend, and encourage, anyone who is working on his/her dissertation to contact Dr. Rachna Jain for support. She will exceed your expectations and ensure you reach your goals.

Margo Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.