I get a fair amount of emails from graduate students asking what they should look for in a dissertation coach. While everyone is different, I think there are some basics every potential coachee should consider: First: consider if this person seems competent and able to help you. Does s/he have experience in helping dissertation writers complete their projects? Second: Look for a coach who helps you balance planning with action. If you have been working with a coach for a while but still aren’t producing usable dissertation output, the coaching framework may need to be re-evaluated or re-defined. Third: Finally, work with a coach who can help you find easier or faster ways to accomplish your goals. The dissertation process doesn’t have to be lengthy or painful to be meaningful. Also- if you’ve never considered working with a dissertation coach, but feel that you might benefit from one- definitely consider it. A dissertation coach can help you take months (if not years) off the dissertation process- making the cost of coaching well worth the investment.