Choosing a Dissertation Topic?

You’re not alone. When I work with graduate students, one of the biggest areas they wonder about is choosing a dissertation topic.

And why wouldn’t they have a lot of questions? It’s not like this gets addressed much in your PhD program; you’re mostly expected to miraculously come up with a workable topic just like that.

Unfortunately, it rarely works that way.

I’ve written a short ebook that will help you in the process of choosing a dissertation topic

You can learn more here: Selecting a Dissertation Topic

I wrote this ebook because I realized that my three books on dissertation completion start later in the process. They each suppose that you have your topic and need some help with the process from there.

However, I know, too, that there is a certain group of people who are just beginning the process and may be stuck as far as how to decide on a topic.

Having coached a least two hundred, maybe more, graduate students on the subject of choosing a dissertation topic, I realize that this is a real need- and that there isn’t a lot of attention paid to this. Somehow, you’re supposed to just magically know how to come up with a good topic all on your own.

Which works great, if that works for you.

If not, I’d invite you to read and apply the 5 Step method I outline in this book. The other aspect of choosing a dissertation topic is that the topic and research should be doable within a year. I don’t recommend that you spend much longer than this in your dissertation process. And, in case it helps, if you use and apply my method, you will be able to decide on a strong dissertation topic in just a few weeks time, so you can stop spinning your wheels and move on to the prospectus and proposal.

Taking the steps, and spending about 10-12 hours of focused time, and you’ll be able to come up with at least a few topics worth considering further.

The book is short, only about 25 pages, because it doesn’t need a lot of words to help you find a dissertation topic.Yet the process it leads you through- and the way it makes you think about choosing a topic is worthwhile.

So if you’re struggling on trying to land on your topic, I think my 5 step method might help.

Learn more here: Selecting a Dissertation Topic