In the previous post, I asked you to think about whether you were speaking the language of courage or the language of fear. For many of you, the language is of fear.

So if your conversation is dominated by fear about the dissertation; if you feel worried about whether you’ll finish and you talk about this a lot; if you feel upset and you have this secret fear that you’re not really going to finish; all of those beliefs will directly impact the actions you take as I mentioned.

Even more than that, when you think all those negative things, you actually will keep thinking more negative things. So when your brain starts to travel down that negative pathway, you can’t help but think more and more negative things.

You can see this in your life if you’ve ever spent time with somebody who’s a very negative person. You might be feeling fine when you first get together with them, but after listening to them complain for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour or two, you might notice that your mood changes or it shifts, and you start to feel negative yourself.

This is a great example of exactly what happens to you when you think your own negative thoughts. When you’re thinking negative thoughts, you can’t help but think more of them. Instead, what you need to do is you need to shift your focus away from your fear and into a more hopeful and optimistic place.

The methods by which you do that are many. A few examples:

1. You can distract yourself. You can stop thinking that negative thought and try to find a thought that feels even just a little bit better. So, instead of thinking – I’m working so slowly, I’ll never finish my dissertation, which feels bad, you can think -I’m working steadily, and I will finish my dissertation.

So, it’s essentially the same kind of belief structure, but you’ve just shifted the focus from being negative to positive.

2. Another way that you can build your beliefs is you can actually spend time with people who are actively working on the dissertation and making progress. So when you all start talking about your progress, again, whatever you focus on gets bigger, so you’ll have more of that.

3. A third way to bolster your beliefs is to really encourage people in your life to give you a lot of extra support. It’s very difficult to feel negative about yourself and low about yourself when you have people around you who are supporting you 100%. So, the third way to bolster your belief is to ask the important people in your life to continually reinforce that you will indeed finish your dissertation and finish it on time.

Now remember, belief + actions = success. So when your beliefs are lined up correctly and your actions reflect those positive beliefs, you can’t help but have success, both in the dissertation and in life.