When you’re writing a dissertation, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in thinking about all you have to do, and it’s often, too, that your stress/anxiety/worry puts a strain on your personal intimate relationships. This is usually most evident in the final stretch- when you have just a few weeks to finish, and there are still thousands of things (it feels like) to do. However, relationship stress can strike, really, at any time during the dissertation process. If your significant other is writing a dissertation, it can be tough to balance out your working cycles with enough playtime to keep your relationship strong. If you’re the only one writing the dissertation, it can be difficult to tear yourself away from your relationship to work on your dissertation and vice versa. We’ll explore some ways to manage this in the next few posts. Today, consider this first idea: Be clear about your working times and maintain as good boundaries as possible. Aim to maintain and keep good boundaries around your personal life/personal time, too. The less cross over and bleed through, the better.