Dissertation Resilience

The theme of resilience and overcoming obstacles has been a big one these past few weeks in my dissertation coaching groups. It's clear, both from these current groups, and the thousands of other ABD's I've helped over the years, that dissertation resilience is one of the hidden secrets of a successful dissertation process. So much has been … [Read more...]

When Life Conspires Against Your Progress

I recently opened up my next round of dissertation coaching groups, and, as usually happens when I start to share about these groups, I get quite a few emails from individual dissertation writers, each sharing with me their specific story, and asking if the coaching group can help them. Some of the challenges I read about include: the … [Read more...]

You Must Act Differently to Be Different.

The title for this post comes from a couple experiences I've had over the past few days, where various graduate students have gotten in touch with me, requesting information about dissertation coaching. While I'm always happy to hear from people considering coaching, I felt sad from some of the emails I received. The ones that made me sad, in … [Read more...]

Don’t Take Your Dissertation On Vacation

One of the strategies I often use to help my clients get more done is to time their progress to match up to their vacations. Let me explain what I mean. Very often, dissertation students will try and use all of their vacation time as a way to "make up" work. They take their laptops, books, papers on vacation with them, with the idea that they … [Read more...]

What To Do When You’re Stuck

In my dissertation coaching groups, lately, one theme has been coming up- and that is the theme of stuckness. I always believe that whatever is showing up in my small groups is indicative of the larger whole- so I wanted to write a post about what to do when you're stuck. Here's what do to when you are stuck: 1) Stop trying to analyze why you … [Read more...]

Stop Waiting for Someday

Ugh. If I had a dollar for every dissertation student I've ever spoken to who could finish their dissertation - but isn't- I'd be really, really, really rich. This is coming up for me today as I have, again, helped another three graduate students finish their dissertations in the past month or so. Each of them has told me that they don't know … [Read more...]

Preparing to Be Ready to Work

One of the things I've noticed is that when you've been away from the dissertation for awhile, it's more and more difficult to get back to it, isn't it? And when you finally do make yourself get back to it, you often experience frustration and stress because the time you just spent was nowhere near as productive and useful as you thought it … [Read more...]